About Danielle

About Danielle Simone

Hi there,

I am Danielle and I have a heart for women. I want to help those who are struggling, those who are dealing with difficult people in their lives, and those who are going through tough circumstances. Lots of women feel stuck and sacrifice their own happiness, as they can’t see how things can possibly work out better in life.

I want to inspire and offer hope to women, that there is a way forward to managing their circumstances that will bring them toward the life that they do want for themselves.

With my own fair share of pain and difficulties in life, I can empathise with these women and really encourage them that life can be more fulfilling and joyful.

l really enjoy spending time with people, whether in person or using technology. I love to coach and mentor people and see them reach their full potential as they grow towards success.

With three grown-up children spreading their wings and flying the coop, I have more time and energy to focus on encouraging women and be an inspiration to those who need it. I have created an eCourse, sharing my life lessons with anyone who might benefit from it.

More about Danielle:

Danielle was born and bred in Melbourne, one of four children. She came to faith at age 12. She became an active member of her church, attending youth conferences, holiday camps and even mission trips.

Danielle took up figure skating as an adult, and even competed in synchronized skating in the National Australian Championships.

Danielle wrote a biography, Fiction to Fame, of her mother’s journey as an artist.

Danielle resides in Melbourne with her five children, three of them grown-up and living independently.


Danielle Simone is one of our team’s greatest assets because of her positivity and commitment. She lifts the mood of the team with her constant enthusiasm. We all learn so much from her, just by watching how she operates and responds in each situation.”  Dr Shiralee Poed

Before I met Danielle Simone, I thought being emotional and falling apart were just me. I was used to feeling out of control most of the time and thought it was just normal. This really affected my relationships negatively, it wasn’t until I met my current boyfriend that I realised something had to change. I could see that I was hurting him. I wanted more than anything to keep this relationship where I felt loved and appreciated and I didn’t want to blow up anymore. With Danielle’s help I began my journey 15 months ago, I haven’t looked back…. She showed me the pendulum swing and it just made so much sense to me, now there is a positive difference in my relationship. I can see clearly what I want going forward and know where I want to be and I am not afraid to step into making all my dreams come true!”  Jeannette Berry

“It’s an absolute blessing to have Danielle as part of our lives. I have enjoyed watching her grow as a coach and appreciate seeing the positive affect’s that she has on others. Her life is a true testimony to overcoming challenging situations and turning around difficult relationships, where everybody feels valued and appreciated.”  Rev Craig Ogden