following your passion

Can you find fulfillment and satisfaction by following your passion?

All of us are born with a natural gift for something. It’s often a skill that comes easily to us and maybe not so easily for others.

We feel passionate and want to be with others who feel the same. Just by you following your passion, you could be inspiring the people closest to you to do the same – to follow their own passion. Imagine the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction you would feel.

Others light up when they see that what we are doing is filling our soul. We all know the difference when you taste food from someone who loves cooking, compared to someone whose heart is not in it. Or the difference it makes when your vet or pet groomer genuinely loves animals. You can tell. The same for the house cleaner who clearly loves what they do and arrives on time, does a great job, and perhaps even goes the extra mile, purely because they love it so much. 

When you have passion, you naturally light up and attract others to you. You tap into your natural gifts, your genius. Finding your genius is what others will either love about you – but be warned.. when you are true to your passion, some people can feel imitated and might turn away.  

Are you following your passion in life?

There were years where I tried to be more of what others thought I should be. I have found the more I allow myself to be me, the more I am able to impact others lives for the better. This is the same for most of us. 

Before you can exploit your own genius, you need to ask yourself some questions.

What is important to me right now? 

You need to ask yourself things like: “When do I feel excited or enthusiastic?” Or “What is happening in my community I am glad to see?”

What gets my attention? 

What gets my blood boiling when I’m out or watching TV?  What do I find interesting when surfing the net or watching U tube? 

What am I worried about? 

I am concerned for ….? Others frustrate me when….? I’m devastated when….

What causes you to lie awake at night? 

What do I think about just before I go to bed? What thoughts wake me up in the middle of the night?

The answer to your genius lies in your answers to the above questions. 

I feel lucky because I have found a knack for helping people learn what their genius is, which then helps them become unstuck in many areas of their lives.

Get ready to follow your passion!

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