A song can say it all

Christian music

We are able to relate our own personal experience to the words in the song, which can bring new understanding to our own situation. Growing up in the church through my teenage years, and attending Christian schools, I was taught from the Bible and learned how God wanted me to live my life for Him. l really enjoy listening to Christian music. It’s lovely to […]

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Desperate Promises

Promise; Prayer

Most of us have, at some point, found ourselves in desperate situations where we would do almost anything to escape the consequences There is always a consequence for everything we do in life, whether it be good or bad. The law is there to keep us safe and to keep us doing the right thing. […]

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  We need to get back to enjoying intimacy every day, to make it an important part of our life and not feel it’s only for a relationship with only one person. I looked in the dictionary of what Intimacy means, this is what I found: a cosy and private or relaxed atmosphere close familiarity […]

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Finding the right Balance

“When we change, things change. Things get better,when we get better!” Andrew Mathews   Hang on…Isn’t it all about finding the right balance? The balance of what? If we could imagine a pair of scales where one side represented how you didn’t want to live your life and the other side represented how you did want […]

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