The bible is living truth

My new 12-week course will empower everybody who completes it to move toward a better path sooner rather than later.

My journey to a happier life

Growing up in the church, we were taught right from wrong, as what we need to know is all written in the bible. For years I asked questions from others who I thought knew more than me. I was interested in how they managed to do things right, but their answers never satisfied me. I saw many people who on the surface looked like they were doing fine, yet when l looked a little deeper, I could see they were also struggling to live their life, just as much as me.

I went on my own soul-searching journey to keep my beliefs and the way I lived my life in alignment while not keeping any bits hidden. I wanted with all my heart to receive the promises that are found in the bible, that God knows the plans he has for me, plans that will prosper not to harm…Jeremiah. In my prayers, I asked God to lead me to find answers. I searched the scriptures.

Understanding what I was leaning

Over the years, l learned so much through the bible and talking with many professionals. I spent hours reading through many self- help books written by people who claimed to have all the answers to the many of the problems I was facing, after years I came to the conclusion that there are a few steps and principals that we need to follow to get what we want. Once we align our decisions and actions with these principles, we are then on our way to creating the life we love.

Understanding and applying what l read in books took time and l quickly learned that l needed to allow myself the space to make mistakes, even to fail. The good news is that each time l failed, l learned to do it better.

Bible truth

One day in my quiet reading time, I found a list of practical ways of living in the book of Romans in chapters 2 and 5.

This was exactly what I had been learning and doing the previous fifteen years.  When we direct our focus on them, we will get results that will amaze us.

I have used these principles to base the course on. They are the foundational principles, that have turned my life, and the life of so many others around. By putting the work in, I had so many small wins and it wasn’t long before miracles were happening all around me.

I am so thankful for all of my experiences, as it had now led me to be able to really know that God’s word is full of truth.

What we do and the way we live our life does radiate out to others, who come asking us questions. I know I don’t want anybody to have to work it out on their own like I did. I am offering a tool for anybody who feels stuck yet wants to live a life they absolutely love.

Are you ready to take the 12-week online course to find a happier you?