What you can expect from doing my course

Ever watched a toddler learning to walk? No matter how many times they fall, they might cry but they still get back up and try again. They see all the adults walking and expect to do it too.

This course is like re-learning to walk, but knowing you won’t ever need a walking stick.

Your life will be forever changed, as you implement the learnings from each class. You may not feel any different, but like the wind, you will see the effects of it. You will notice a big difference in the way others respond to you. The arguments will become less, conflict is resolved quicker and you may just find yourself tolerating the people you thought are too difficult.

Manage conflict, improve your emotional maturity

Like anything, how quickly things change depends on how much you want it, and what you’re willing to do to get it. We all know what it’s like to fall apart, have unresolved conflict or be dragged into people’s turmoil. We have all been hurt, and maybe you’re still trying to work out how to recover. You’re not alone and what I have found is, the quicker you get back to your normal (which is different for everybody), the better life will be.

When I was young my cousin had a clown with a round bottom and no matter how hard you hit it or pushed it, it always sprang back up.

In life, when terrible storms hit, wouldn’t it be nice to be like that clown who never stays down for long, who is able to get back up, unscathed and ready to face whatever else comes.

If practice makes perfect, then what is it that you need to do to be better at dealing with people you find difficult.  Maybe it’s your boss? Or a co-worker, difficult teenagers, or even your in-laws.  Or maybe you’re just trying to find some calm to be able to face each difficult day.

A better life for you and your family 

What would life be like if you felt you were able to say what you think and actually feel listened to, to have your opinion acknowledged, or to make an amazing difference in your family or workplace.

Well now you can, with this 12-week course. You will learn the skills to be able to face any challenge straight on, to be able to face whatever challenging situation or person you maybe finding impossible. You will work out just what your priorities are, what’s important for your life, the value of time, why you do the things you do or don’t do, having what you need and healing the past to be able to enjoy the future.

What’s exciting, is you will discover that you are able to create a positive difference for yourself and your family.

But don’t feel you need to do it all alone!  I am only a phone call away, and if you’re in Melbourne, you will be able to catch up with me at a coffee morning or at one of my TLC lady’s events. It’s here where you will meet like-minded women who, like you, are looking for answers and also others who have been on the path for a while. Like the toddler having the people around already walking, it helps to see others who have gone before you and are now enjoying a better quality of life.

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